About Me...

I started this service after finding a wonderful home boarding establishment for my beloved Scottie, 'Isla Skye' and 'Paris Rose' the French Bulldog. I didn't want burden my friends or family with the job of looking after her, and there was no way she was going into kennels. So I started my own business offering other dog owners the same benefits.

I can’t remember not having a dog in my life and have always had an affiliation with them, I must admit to not being able to go past a dog without asking if I can stroke it. So after losing my last job and becoming a lady of a certain age I thought, NOW is the time to do what I would love to do, and that is work with dogs, I have an adorable Scottie and French Bulldog whom I love to bits and thought this again would give me ideal scenario of being with her. But enough about me please see some of my pictures and browse my other pages.

What I do for the dogs...

I offer you the chance to leave your beloved dog with my family which includes my husband John and Isla. Your best friend will live as part of the family and will enjoy constant love and attention that Isla gets. I cannot accept bookings until a meet and greet has taken place in my home with your dog, this for your peace of mind and to make sure our dogs all get along.

I can also arrange for a lovely shampoo and brush up by a professional dog groomer so they smell great when you pick them up! Please let me know at the time of booking if you require this service*.
*Extra charges apply

You can advise us of diet beforehand and please bring their own food so to avoid any tummy upsets. We can feed at your dog’s usual time and cater for any special requirements, just let us know.

We will walk your dog every day either in the woodland or one of the many ponds we have locally. We also provide Doggy Days Out sometimes to the seaside. We already offer a walking service so it really is no problem for them to join in on any of the day’s schedule. No extra charges are incurred.

Keeping In Touch
You are welcome to call us anytime to see how your special friend is getting along. In addition to this we can also send you a daily picture message to your email. There is no extra charge for this.

Insurance & Vaccinations
Please advise us of your own pet Insurer (if you have one) we will also need to see an up to date vaccination certificate. This will be kept by us during the stay.

Friendly Dogs Only Please!
As your dog will be living in a family environment and also with other friendly dog/s, we can only accept non-aggressive dogs. If your dog is aggressive it will not benefit from or enjoy its stay as much as it should. We are not breed phobic and will accept any dog as long as it's friendly. Most dogs naturally fit in to the loving environment we provide.  Puppies cannot be accepted unless house trained.

Special Requirements
We can cater for almost any special requirement, be it dietery, medicinal or other. All we ask is that you let us know well in advance.

  • Your dog stays in our home
  • A family environment
  • Your dog's feeding regime can be maintained
  • You supply their food, so there is less chance of an upset tummy that changes in food can often cause
  • We can cater for special diets
  • Regular exercise and play (please bring collar and lead)
  • Brushed daily if required (please bring brush)
  • Company for your dog,
  • Calm and caring environment
  • Medication(s) can be given if required
  • Fun, cuddles & TLC as standard
  • Play with other dogs (supervised)
  • Any special requirements catered for
  • All dogs will wear our I.D tags with our name and number on them


Weekday Charges

4 or more daycare - £14 per weekday

4 or less daycare - £18 per weekday

Weekend Charges

Saturday - £20

Sunday - £25

My cut off time for daycare is 6:30 pm for every hour or part of after that time will be an extra £3 per hour.


Weekday £22 per day

Saturday £25 per day

Sunday £30 per day

30 min drop in/walk

£12 weekday

£15 Saturday

£20 Sunday

All Bank holidays will be charged at double time.

If you have any questions about my services or charges then please contact me here.